Florence School, Florence, Cape Breton, 1953-54

Cape Breton Daily Brew

Memories of Florence, Cape Breton


Row 1  Jackie Mansfield, Louise Jessome, Shirley Reardon   ?,  Miriam Gear,  ?,  ? 

Row 2  Lillian LeBlanc, Helen Pero, Nancy Jessome, Danny McIntosh, Cyril Edwards, Iris Sampson, ?


Row 3  Robbie McDonald, Woodie Nickolson, Jessie Fry, Helen Keeling, Doris Butts, ?


Row 4  ?,  Florence Ferguson,  ?,  ?,  Muriel Patey, Sylvia Higham


Row 5   ?,  Eddie Scullin, Melvin Barry, ?,  Freddy Murphy, ?,  Frankie (Duke) Dolanty


Row 6  Steven Moore, Henry McKinnon, ?,  Ray Peddle

Teacher: Ninette Williams – Florence Public School



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