Central School Grade Seven Students, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, 1920

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Front row: (left to right) Ruth Hillier, Evelyn Irvine, M. MacIntosh, Eva Martin, M. Steckler, and Jean Vine. Second row: Marion MacAulay, Edna Melbourne, Hazel Fraser, J. Attwood, Evelyn Stevens, Hazel Hammond, E. Steckler, and right behind her, Harold Mattinson. Third row: Norman “Buster” MacLeod, Bobby Lyons, John Robert “Scotchie) Mactie, Harry Rosenberg, Archie Blackman, Florence Travis, unknown. Fourth row: Les Seward (behind Buster MacLeod), Mildred macDonald, Fannie Sturgess, unknown, and Eva Wilton, Dollie MacLeod and Angus MacLeod, while standing at back Frank Rowe, George Nicholson, Donald MacDonald, Johnnie MacRury, Harold Rankin, John Clarke and William Pilling

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