Baddeck Primary Department, Baddeck, Cape Breton, 1910

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Baddeck Primary Department, 1910
Front Row: (L to R) Douglas Fraser, Alexander MacDonald, Clarence (Tabby) Bethune,Sherman Bedwin, Fred Haliburton, Joe McNeil, Warrend Gilman, Archie MacDonald, Blair Crowdis, Murdock Kelly, Johnnie Gillis, Dan Campbell, Murdock Stewart.
Second Row (L-R): Catherine MacAulay, Margaret MacKay, Ollie MacRae, Minnie MacAskill, Greta Taylor, Lillian MacLean, Ada Haliburton, Laura Kelly, Christy Stewart, Lexina Stewart, Margaret Kelly, Miss E. Watson, Isabelle Gilman with teacher Rhoda McLeod, Eleanor Blanchard, Alice MacFarlane, Harold Haliburton (on steps) Mary MacKenzie, ? McIvor, Cecilia McNeil, Edith McAulay, ? Flemming, Mary Morrison.



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