Class Photo, Grade 9 or 10, Florence, Cape Breton, 1957/58

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Florence Cape Breton School Picture  School year 1957/58 Grade 9 or 10

Starting at rear:

5th row

Louie Stubbert (?), Ferdie Jessome (?), Billy Pye, Melvin MacLennan, Danny MacKinnon (?), Chuck MacAulay

4th row

Melvin Barrie, Freddie Murphy, Daniel McIntosh, Stanley Fry, Steven McKeigan (?), Robbie MacDonald

3rd row

Marilyn MacIntyre (?), Doris Butts, Helen Keeling, Thelma Forrest, Mina Fraser, Sylvia Higham

2nd row

Florence Ferguson, Lillian LeBlanc, Nancy Jessome, Iris Sampson, Fanny Gerrow

1st row

Shirley Reardon, Miriam Gear, Anna MacIntyre, Anne Barrie (?), Jackie Mansfield, Ruth Howard, Bernice Boutilier


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