Glace Bay’s Saint Anthony’s School, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

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Front row: ? Darell MacNeil ,Jimmy Murrin ,Winston Wingate , ? ,Phillip Chassion ,Jake MacKenzie ,Gary LeBlanc ,Glen Heart ,John Trige ,Ronnie MacNeil
2nd row: Shannon White ,Irene Burfatto ,Sandra Spencer ,Minette Brown ,Sandra Vokey ,Jolene MacNeil ,Gina Aucoin ,Susan Mcinnis ,G Bonnar ,Murial Dunn ,Sandra Kennedy ,Paula Gouthro.
3rd row:Harvy MacPhee ,Walter MacMullinMary Graham ,Annette O`Brian ,JoAnn Young ,MurreenKennedy ,Ann Marie Wilson ,Ernie MacDonald ,Jack Southwell ,Michael Duhamel


Grade 9 1954

Leona McCheron, Francis McPhee, Dennes Lever, B McPhee, Jimmie MacDonald, Carol McKinnon, John Gouthro, Della McInnis, B Gillis, Francis Gouthro, Gladys Quann, Raymond DeGaust, Eugene Basque, Angus MacIntyre, Ida MacIntyre Hinds, Lorraine Warren, Seth Roberts, Rose Sabline, B Campbell, Eldon McIntyre, Elaine Campbell, Jackie Colemic Gillis, Dave Vokey, Leonard Templeton, Eleanor Vokey, unknown, Thomas Ivey and Jerry McCabe.



Grade 9 Class B 1954

Francis Cox, John E (Jackie) MacInnis, Kay MacMullin, Thomas Fitzgerald, Valerie Lawerence, Peter Boucher, Harvey McKinnon, Maureen Leslie, Henry LeCreux, Carmella McKinnon, Joan Miles, Jimmie McNeil, Catherine McIntosh, Lorraine LeGere, Jackie Stewart, Francis Liszka, Leslie Caines, Morton Verbeski, Sylvia McPhee, John slade, Charles Roberts, Audrey Gouthro, Ray Sharpe, Martha Muise, Laura Lee Sharpe





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